cultivate to illuminiate initiative partners

Rooted In Love: Cultivate to Illuminate Partners

Systemic inequities such as racism breed harm, violence, and oppression that jeopardize generational wellness, health, and safety. While some intervention methods help individuals heal, at St. Joseph Fund (SJF), we recognize the need to fight the systemic inequities that cause generational oppression, poverty, and collective trauma.

Through the Cultivate to Illuminate: Community Healing and Resilience Initiative, SJF and co-designer WeBloom Design seek community growth and advancement by building upon people-centered impact stories that capture the rich complexity and the lived experiences of our nonprofit leaders and communities. We intend to cultivate healing, relationships, stories, and experiences through each of our partners to illuminate a new pathway for encapsulating impact that resonates and honors communities’ ancestral roots.

Meet our Cultivate to Illuminate partners:

  • Ahri works to challenge broken systems and create new paths so that no one lives in fear of deportation. They want to ensure everyone can access education, healthcare, affordable housing, and a healthy work environment. Ahri’s core staff are community organizers, activists, and advocates of community members’ trust.
  • Millionaire Mind Kids (MMK)—Reimagine Our Communities (ROC) trains future leaders to engage in strategically informed, effective advocacy and activism that empowers communities and their citizens to pursue positive changes politically, economically, and socially. ROC leaders are from the San Bernardino County area of Southern California.
  • Project Kinship provides services and training to individuals whose lives have been impacted by incarceration, gangs, and violence. Its staff offers emotional support and advocacy as they assist individuals through change and transformation by providing early intervention, prevention, reentry support, and assistance with system network care and service. Program participants get support to develop hope, healing, and transformation, which allows them to own a meaningful and productive life.
  • Viet Rainbow of Orange County (VROC) strives to create a world where everyone has the resources and agency to thrive with dignity. They primarily work with LGBTQ+ Vietnamese Americans and their loved ones through research, education, and advocacy while strengthening collective power alongside other communities working toward liberation. VROC is grounded in equity, healing, joy, and social justice values.

To learn more about the Cultivate to Illuminate initiative, our partners, or the investments we make to ensure communities are lively, hopeful, healthy, and just, please follow us on LinkedIn.