Year One: Rooting and Seeding – grounding, contextualizing, and landscape assessment to understand trauma and capture how non-profit organizations and leaders respond to various systems of harm such as gentrification, displacement, colonialism, racism, etc. Year Two: Nurturing Fields – seeds are planted, and now we reflect on what works and identify opportunities to adjust and nurture for growth and sprouting. Year Three: Reaping Strengths – work and movement building will evolve, but the grounded work gives us more power and strength to influence the social impact ecosystem of capturing authentic community impact.


Illuminating Our Partners’ Stories

In a world often overshadowed by challenges and systemic oppression, there comes an opportunity for community healing to forge power-building. St. Joseph Fund (SJF) proudly announces the “Cultivate to Illuminate: Community Healing and Resilience Initiative” to foster sustainable community growth and renewal at the individual, organizational, and systems level.


At the heart of this initiative is the commitment to cultivate futures where everyone can thrive. At SJF, we know that systemic inequities such as racism are breeding grounds for generational harm, trauma, and violence. SJF seeks community advancement through this initiative by partnering to build upon people-centered impact stories that capture the rich complexity and the lived experiences of our nonprofit leaders and communities.


How Will SJF Cultivate Growth?

Cultivate to Illuminate intends to cultivate healing, relationships, stories, and experiences. Alongside our partners, we will deconstruct traditional data collection methods to illuminate a new pathway for encapsulating impact that resonates and honors communities’ ancestral roots.


Our Partners Will Light the Way

Initiative co-designer WeBloom Design, a creative agency focused on shifting the culture of measurements and evaluation, will use “to gather our partners’ histories and experiences. WeBloom will ensure that their authentic stories are told and, therefore, can contribute to the design of better systems with a healing-centered approach, rooted in love. The connection between personal and collective healing is essential to this work. And together, we will explore personal experiences and foster secure attachments for our partners’ staff and the communities they serve.


The impact of the Cultivate to Illuminate Initiative extends far beyond the boundaries of individual communities. By nurturing sustainable development and empowerment, SJF seeks to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

To learn more about the Cultivate to Illuminate Initiative and how you can contribute to this transformative cause, visit our initiative page and follow us on LinkedIn.


Let us cultivate hope, illuminate lives, and sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow.