Healing Tides Initiative

Healing Tides: NHPI Leadership + Renewal Initiative is a unique program dedicated to the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) community. Unlike other initiatives, it is tailored exclusively to address the specific needs of NHPI communities. Historically, NHPI communities have seen a lack of effort from philanthropic communities despite facing critical challenges.

The St. Joseph Fund (SJF), the grant-making foundation of Providence, placed the NHPI community at its core. We understand that sustainable leaders are essential for the growth of sustainable organizations. These organizations, in turn, provide unwavering support to their communities.

Our approach empowers leaders to embrace cultural values and prioritize impactful leadership. By prioritizing individual and community healing, we can create a solid foundation for organizations that promote health and resilience within NHPI communities. Healing Tides provides support for leaders through a dedicated coaching team with lived experiences who understand the unique challenges NHPI leaders face. This support system is designed to help them with accountability, self-discovery, and forward action.

Healing Tides NHPI Initiative

“In the Healing Tides Initiative, we hold steadfast to the belief that a sustainable leader is the bedrock not only of a lasting organization, but also the cornerstone of a thriving community and an evolving movement. Our guiding framework embodies the profound truth that healing and renewal are the very essence of becoming an empowered and whole leader. Like the ebb and flow of tides, our journey toward sustainability is nurtured by the rhythm of self-care, compassion, and rejuvenation, for it is in our wholeness that we inspire others to create waves of positive change.”

– Noilyn Mendoza, Program Facilitator and Leadership Coach