meet the challenges of our communities on non profit day

Meet the Challenges of Our Communities on Non-Profit Day

Guest post – Jason Lacsamana, Director, Programs and Partnerships


Non-profit organizations make a difference by shaping our society and offering hope for a better future – that makes an impact. I’m proud of our work at the Fund, ourselves a non-profit grantmaker. We are dedicated to social justice and committed to making change at the community level, developing leaders, and supporting local structures, policies, and programs in line with the vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange. On National Non-Profit Day, I’m excited to share two other non-profits I am grateful to be involved with, Charitable Ventures and Prevention Institute.


Finding Solutions on Non-Profit Day


The missions of both organizations center around finding solutions to fill the needs of those furthest from justice. For Charitable Ventures, this means being the space for emerging non-profits to push innovation and develop strategies to uplift marginalized communities. Prevention Institute works to understand the root causes of inequities and injustices to cultivate new paths so that, eventually, the needs will diminish.


Both groups are not only rising to meet the challenges of the present day but are led and staffed by exceptional people from top to bottom. I’ve been fortunate to work closely with several members of the Charitable Ventures team, including Anne OlinPaul BonfantiAmy Klein, and Brandon Adachi , who all help bring the dreams of non-profits to fruition. The team works together to bolster fledgling non-profits through capacity-building, sponsorship, and incubation.


At Prevention Institute, I’ve partnered with Sandra VieraKatie Miller, Juliet Sims, and Manal Aboelata to spearhead important work, codesigning strategies to build prevention and health equity into policies and subsequent action to ensure communities are healthy and safe for all.


These are just a few of the people that I encounter that I’m happy and honored to call colleagues, peers, and friends. They push me to think more critically about my responsibilities to my community and how I can spur action from my network. When I look inward to understand my values and what matters, I know that civic and community engagement are integral. One may think of civic engagement and public service as existing in the sphere of government. However, I see an important fit within the realm of the non-profit world. A non-profit career path isn’t for everyone, but I encourage others to consider community involvement.


Create Positive Lasting Change on Non-Profit Day

There are many ways to create a positive impact and lasting change – giving time by volunteering, offering support in sharing expertise, and providing much-needed funds. The key is to find a non-profit that fits your interests, passions, and strategies and has a need you can fill. I encourage others to uncover their most personal and important issues and to establish what they can give.


Non-profits are a critical space that fills needs and pushes innovation and efficiency. Despite limited budgets, most are run with overflowing passion for serving needs and creating huge change. For-profits and government agencies leave gaps in service that are, more often than not, filled by non-profits. If you haven’t previously thought about serving your community, I hope that learning about the organizations I am involved in and the people I work alongside inspires you to consider donating your time, talents, or treasures within your communities.