Our Community Partners

The St. Joseph Fund (SJF), Providence’s grant-making foundation, partners with the community to go the distance with them toward wholeness. We are motivated by compassion, kindness, and the desire to benefit others. At SJF, our relationships are not transactional –we don’t just write grants and expect a data-driven evaluation at the conclusion. Instead, our collaborative approach celebrates and centers community expertise, and we remain partners long after the grant period ends.

Our actions and decisions are rooted in love, and our grant partners are, too. We listen to their wisdom, understand their needs, and invest in their opportunities.

We collaborate with our partners to design opportunities that build community in four (4) focus areas:

Disaster Response and Resilience

Human-caused, environmental, and natural disasters pose a significant threat to the livelihood of communities. In partnering with experts in the field, we provide immediate and culturally responsive needs while ensuring continuity of care while the community rebuilds and revitalizes.

Lifelong Education That Opens Doors

We dismantle barriers and educational structures, practices, and policies that prevent communities from thriving and fully participating in society.

Positive Change Through Community Power

We disrupt and challenge systems and practices that do not bring wholeness to our communities.

Community Healing and Resilience

While individual intervention is necessary for healing and overall wellness, we address collective trauma from violence, racism, oppression, and disasters.

We are proud to be rooted in love with our partners.