Rooted in Love | Impact Stories2024-07-09T10:47:55-07:00
  • Community Power Building

Rooted in Love

St. Joseph Fund invests in and fosters long-term partnerships to ensure communities are lively, hopeful, healthy, and just. We are focused on building community in four key areas: disaster response and resilience, lifelong education that opens doors, positive change through community power, and community healing and resilience. We invite you to meet some of our partners. Here, we illuminate the impactful journeys of organizations harnessing community power to drive positive change and innovation. Through these case studies and partner spotlights, we delve into their narratives, highlighting their dedication, collaboration, and perseverance. Their work is rooted in love to ensure that communities are more whole, more healed, and more able to flourish, hope, love, and grow.

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