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Rediscovering Community: Building on Lessons from the Pandemic

Guest Post: Gabriela Robles, Chief Executive, St. Joseph Fund

Four years ago, as we entered the summer months, we operated in organized chaos. We have come a long way since 2020. The pandemic fundamentally changed our perspectives on work, purpose, and community. For many, it underscored the significance of engaging in meaningful and deeply rooted community work. We more clearly understood the plight of essential workers, who played a critical role in sustaining life during unprecedented times and faced immense challenges securing support for their families.


Community and Capacity: A Pathway to Sustainable Change

The concept of “the village” was evident (and inspiring) during the pandemic. Entire communities rallied to support one another as a testament to the strength inherent in communal bonds. People shared resources, offered emotional support, and found innovative ways to overcome the adversities posed by the pandemic. This phenomenon revealed communities’ immense power and potential when they come together with a shared purpose.


However, deep-seated economic injustices were also more apparent during this time. The stark disparities in income, access to healthcare, education, and job security became apparent to more people, creating a more unified call for urgent systemic change.


Impact on Community: Health, Jobs, Education, and Safety

Our commitment to upstream work deepened. We dedicated ourselves to addressing the root causes of economic and social disparities and investing in capacity and power building and healing to create sustainable health, employment, education, and safety impacts. These interconnected efforts can create a ripple effect that positively impacts access to education, healthcare, better job opportunities, and overall well-being. When empowered communities navigate challenges more effectively, we get closer to a more equitable and just future.


The pandemic taught us invaluable lessons about the importance of community, the need for meaningful work, and the urgency of addressing systemic injustices. Follow our story on LinkedIn to see how we foster sustainable, positive changes that uplift those most in need. Through collective community effort and a commitment to equity, we can build a future where everyone can thrive.