Rooted in Love: Community Leader Coalition of the Capistrano Villas

The Community Leader Coalition of the Capistrano Villas (CLC) is a resident-led movement of connected and active community members. Its residents:

  • Build resilient communities;
  • Strengthen the neighborhood social fabric and extend from it; and
  • Participate in the civic process to use their voices for community wellbeing.

CLC creates positive change through community power and focuses on accessible, affordable housing. During a General Plan review, its team engaged with the City of San Juan Capistrano (City) to advocate for their community and residents. They successfully petitioned for the Capistrano Villas neighborhood to be designated as a “disadvantaged community,” compelling the City to investigate environmental inequities when considering public improvements to infrastructure, traffic, water access, zoning, and more. Furthermore, CLC effectively worked with the City to be more inclusive. To that end, they partnered with the City to host Spanish Language Community forums, advocated to have planning documents translated into Spanish, and pushed for an amendment to the zoning ordinance to enable more affordable housing projects.


By disrupting and challenging systems and practices that do not bring wholeness to our communities, CLC is building positive change. Thanks to their dedicated leadership, the Capistrano Villas community is more whole, more healed, and more able to flourish, hope, love, and grow.


Learn More about the Community Leader Coalition of the Capistrano Villas on their website.