Rooted in Love: Intersections Initiative

Aiming to understand and address the challenges faced by health systems in strengthening and empowering communities, the Prevention Institute (PI) and St. Joseph Fund (SJF) launched the Intersections Initiative (Intersections) in 2016. The joint effort assists hospitals and stakeholders in crafting community-based strategies to complement clinical coordination and population health efforts.

Community leaders, partners, and residents collaborate to advocate for policy and systems change through dialogue, discussion, training workshops, and strategy sessions. Together, they devise strategies for meaningful change and ensure the involvement of appropriate partners to achieve equitable outcomes.

Intersections supports seven coalitions concentrating on housing, education, civic engagement, and economic stability. These coalitions promote health, wellness, and resilience through policy creation, organizational practice reform, and system enhancement. The initiative prioritizes prevention, allowing strategies to address multiple focus areas concurrently to amplify their potential impact.

Although Intersections’ initial term was three years, its endurance today serves as a testament to SJF’s commitment to nurturing lasting relationships, rooted in love. In collaboration, PI and SJF continue their efforts to empower leaders to build communities that are more whole, more healed, and more able to flourish, hope, love, and grow.

To learn more about Intersections, visit the initiative page on PI’s website. And be sure to check out video highlights from each of the coalitions on YouTube.