Rooted In Love: Project Girl Mentoring


In the United States, women and girls of color are confronted with unprecedented disparities. Project Girl Mentoring not only recognizes these challenges but also acknowledges that low-income BIPOC individuals, including those from LGBTQIA+, immigrant, and refugee communities often endure additional hardships. This includes those who are neurodiverse, formerly incarcerated, have faced substance use or misuse, or are trans-racial adoptees. The organization equips young women with essential tools, developmental skills, and resources to bolster their mental health and well-being.


Their core mission revolves around igniting a movement that amplifies the voices of young women of color. Their primary objective is to empower these individuals to make informed decisions, nurture healthy relationships, and attain self-sufficiency. Project Girl Mentoring goes beyond physical health, emphasizing the significance of promoting mental and emotional well-being. They achieve this through one-on-one coaching and group support, utilizing creative, inclusive, and healing approaches.


Project Girl Mentoring goes a step further by serving as a valuable work experience site. Social work interns gain invaluable field experience while offering direct services to the mentees and contributing to the organization’s overall needs.


Recognizing the importance of creating environments that honor and respect the identities and unique needs of BIPOC women, Project Girl Mentoring provides a safe and empowering space for these young women to understand their power, harness their strengths, and remain true to their authentic selves. To gain insights directly from these agents of change and learn how Project Girl Mentoring invests in their power, watch the video produced by Terrence Jeffrey Santos and then visit the Project Girl Mentoring website.