RIL Healing Tides Partners


Rooted In Love: The Healing Tides Initiative


The Healing Tides: NHPI Leadership + Renewal Initiative recently concluded Phase 1. This unique program is dedicated to the Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (NHPI) community and supports the participation of two leaders from each partner organization. This strategic approach harnesses the power of diverse perspectives, enhances learning exchanges, and builds robust leadership capacity within organizations. By engaging dual leaders, Healing Tides ensures a comprehensive approach to fostering healing, renewal, and sustainability.


Meet our Healing Tides participating organizations committed to cultivating well-being and resilience within the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) communities they serve.

  • FOU Movement – Fa’atasiga o Uso brings light to the darkness they once lived by empowering their communities and educating the Samoan youth against hate. They provide resources for individuals with dependency issues and support justice-involved individuals and families impacted by incarceration.
  • Kutturan Chamoru Foundation – KCF fulfills the need to address the underrepresented Chamoru people and culture. The volunteer-led group uses dance and music to perpetuate the Chamoru culture. They provide tuition-free education in Chamoru Cultural dance, song, and language and offer career guidance and mentorship.
  • LE GaFa – Since 2017, LE GaFa has worked to preserve the Samoan language, culture, and identity outside of their homeland. Through community outreach, they demonstrate, embody, and perpetuate Fa’a Samoa (traditional lifestyle) for all generations. They offer leadership and education with instruction and workshops for all ages and welcome all those of Samoan heritage or those who identify as Samoan at heart.
  • MAFANA – MAFANA is dedicated to preserving and promoting Tongan customs, traditions, and values within the Pacific Islander community. Through education, outreach, events, festivals, and initiatives, they empower Pacific Islanders to embrace their heritage, celebrate diversity, and foster mutual respect. Their work aims to promote diversity, foster cross-cultural understanding, and celebrate Pacific Island heritage, benefiting both the Pacific Islander and broader communities by creating a more inclusive and vibrant environment.
  • Marshallese Youth of Orange County (MYOC) is dedicated to advancing the Marshallese community’s educational, cultural, and health needs. It works to address the specific needs of first—and second-generation immigrants, preserve cultural identity, and cultivate a new generation of Marshallese community leaders.
  • NHPI Alliance – The NHPI Alliance is dedicated to improving and increasing access to resources for NHPI community-based organizations in the U.S. and outlying territories to ensure the communities’ well-being. They advocate for minimizing health disparities and work to develop strategies and solutions to improve access to and delivery of quality health care for our NHPI communities.
  • Pacific Islander Health Partnership – The partnership’s mission is to serve multi-generational NHPI communities by nurturing an environment for overall health equity and wellness through direct services, outreach, education, and advocacy. They work to address health disparities challenges, lean on cultural expertise, invest in solid relationships, and navigate a complex array of immigration statuses that dictate access to resources.
  • SoCal PICRT – Southern California Pacific Islander Community Response Team is a coalition of community-based organizations and advocates providing resources to holistically support and advocate for the well-being and sustainability of NHPI communities. They provide a forum for meaningful connections, help build organizational capacity, and curate funding to increase NHPI visibility and representation.
  • The Young S.A.M.O.A. – The Young Serving All Mankind Our Alofa is a community-based group working to serve at-risk and disadvantaged Native Hawa. Through after-school and arts programs, they raise awareness and educate the communities they serve of Samoan and Pacific Islander culture.


With a shared vision and a unified commitment, the leaders involved in the Healing Tides Initiative are equipped to drive positive, lasting change. This collaborative effort not only strengthens individual leadership but also inspires a collective dedication to their communities’ sustainable development and health.


Through the Healing Tides initiative, we are building a brighter, more resilient future for NHPI communities. Please stay tuned as we journey into Phase II, which will expand on the healing work in Phase 1. We will focus on practical application and understanding of the lifecycle of robust and sustainable programs and the necessary resources and capacity that also honor the cultural protocols, practices, and ways of being of NHPIs.