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Rooted in Love: Unite Oregon, Southwest Corridor Equity Coalition

Unite Oregon fights for social justice by empowering communities overlooked and ignored by the powerful. Harnessing the power of people coming together to make change, they work to build safe, prosperous, and healthy communities for all. The climate crisis has amplified the longstanding inequities experienced, which will only worsen if action is not taken. In line with the idea that economically thriving communities need reliable and safe transportation options for every resident, Unite Oregon partnered with the the Southwest Equity Coalition (SWEC) on transit equity.

Transportation equity efforts mitigate disproportionately high adverse health and environmental effects on low-income and communities of color. SWEC ensures that the residents of Portland’s Southwest Corridor have access to the opportunities that a light rail project will bring while addressing the impacts of a significant infrastructure investment.

SWEC advocates for equitable development practices while disrupting inequity by resourcing racial equity commitments. They work to preserve and expand affordable housing and promote transportation mobility and connectivity. Rooted in love, they prioritize racial equity and implement community-centered decision-making. SWEC advances economic opportunity and builds community capacity for wealth creation.

Visit the coalition website to learn more about SWEC’s commitment to equity. Also, take a look at Unite Oregon’s program page to see how its twenty-year fight for social justice is building healthy communities.